Our Services

🔸 Hands-on analytic support for specific projects and initiatives.

Addressing pressing Data Analytic needs

      • The best Data Analysis is the one performed by those who are immersed in your organization and know about your key issues. But existing priorities and pressing demands on people’s time may make it unrealistic to expect internal experts to immediately assume some badly needed Data Analytics tasks.

      • When needed, we can quickly come up to speed on your specific challenges, contribute the appropriate Data Analytics capabilities and tools, and collaborate with your work teams to extract valuable insights from your existing data sources.

🔸 Training on the foundations and application of Data Analytic tools.

Developing Data Analytics literacy across your organization

    • Targeted training focused on the Data Analytics techniques most relevant for each Department or Team

      • Data Analysis is a vast subject, and it can be difficult to identify the right tool for the problem at hand. Based on our experience across multiple fields, and on quick diagnostic conversations, we will concentrate on the tools and techniques, be they basic or advanced, that can best support the specific corporate, department or work team needs.

    • Empowering the workforce and accompanying them to build up trust and effectiveness in Data Analytics

      • Real learning happens on the job, when addressing actual business and performance questions. We can be there for them, either physically or virtually, to support the initial application of these techniques and help them ask the right questions, find the right data, and unlock the key insights, to enhance their confidence in their ability to put to work all that they’ve learned.

🔸 Developing the Data Analytics capabilities of managers and supervisors.

Supporting a data-driven culture

      • If a Data Analytics initiative is to succeed beyond the occasional project, Managers and Supervisors need to feel comfortable with incorporating Data Analytics into their decision and management processes.

      • This demands a reasonable, non-expert understanding of what Data Analytics can provide, what it demands, and how to interpret the findings and results.

      • We can provide the training and coaching necessary to understand the overall context and basic concepts of Data Analytics, the types of problems it can address, the tools to use in each case and what results to expect; as well as the demands that a Data Analytics project imposes, such as the necessary rigor, the time and resources, and the fact that Data Analytics experts cannot work in isolation but need to be part of multifunctional teams with knowledge of the underlying processes.

🔸 Organizational-wide program design, support, coaching and monitoring.

Ensuring success through alignment

      • Beyond developing key Data Analytics personnel, success in unlocking the power and value in your data demands a clear, traceable alignment to key business drivers and challenges.

      • We can support you in designing an overall deployment program aligned with your business needs, bringing together your training and managerial efforts in this area and ensuring their business impact.

      • This can include proof-of-concept pilot implementations to raise awareness and to advance the organizational capability needed to articulate and ensure the future success of broader initiatives.

🔸 Pilot, proof-of-concept, implementations.

Furthering organizational capabilities